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Industrial Boilers


Industrial boilers are a large investment and require experience and knowledge of their design and construction to optimize any maintenance or repair project.

Our experienced team at PSS can provide you with the solutions you need exactly when you need them. We are experienced in the repair of:



Our employees have the necessary training and certification to guide your boiler project from start to finish. We focus on safety, quality and efficiency throughout the duration of your projects.

PSS has one of the most experienced crew in the industry to handle the most difficult and complex situations.



Timely response to our customer’s emergency needs is always our priority. Prompt response and 24-hour support personnel means minimal down time and reduced collateral loss. We maintained a modern fleet of fully outfitted service trucks prepared to meet any challenges an emergency brings.

The solutions you need, exactly when you need them. Call us today and learn how we can help you overcome any challenge.

PSS Industrial Boiler Services Specializes In:

Our Services

Our typical maintenance / outage assignments include:

  • Total Outage Coordination / Management 
  • Major Tube Work: Carbon, Chrome, etc.
  • Water Walls, Economizers, Superheats, Reheats, Platings, etc.
  • Rebuilds: Burners, Pulverizers, etc.
  • Condenser Work
  • Air Heaters: Baskets, Seals, etc.
  • Ash Bottoms, Seal Trough Replacements
  • Major Ductwork and Stack Repairs
  • Fan Repairs, Rotor Change-Outs
  • Absorber Repairs and Header Replacements
  • Coal Conveyors and Hoppers
  • Emissions Compliance Upgrades/Repairs (Baghouses / Precipitators / SCRs / Scrubbers)
  • Ductwork/Expansion Joint Repairs and Change Outs 
  • All Pipe/Valve and Associated Repairs